Why Do People Like Mockbusters?

Why Do People Like Mockbusters?

The mockbuster is a part of horror and sci-fi film that has become very popular over the years. This is a  part of film that entails concepts from one film being ripped off in some way. 

This has been associated with many horror and sci-fi films over the years. Mockbusters have been created as a means of trying to make money off of more successful films. These include Starcrash and Battle Beyond the Stars to try and ride off of Star Wars and Tales of the Gold Monkey to mooch off of the Indiana Jones series. 

This has especially become popular in many horror and sci-fi circles as companies like the Asylum continue to churn them out. From movies like Transmorphers and the Da Vinci Treasure to Paranormal Entity and Snakes on a Train, these mockbusters have certainly become very popular. Even animated mockbusters like the Little Cars and Tiny Robots are being targeted to families. 

So why is it that people like mockbusters as much as they do? There are many interesting reasons why they are fans of these films. 

They Love the Bad Nature of Films 

MockbustersMany mockbusters fall into the “so bad it’s good” category based on how implausible some of these films may be. They may also be poorly made from a technical or dramatic standpoint. Sometimes they might use artistic licenses that make them copy off of certain films a little too closer than needed.

This is not to say that these films should be used as frameworks for the ways how movies are to be made in the future. They are just simple entertaining films that are rather unique and appealing to have a bit of fun with at large. 

They Want To See International Takes 

Many mockbusters are made in countries on the other side of the world. Turkey had been notorious for making many cheap versions of blockbusters. The country’s version of Star Wars has been notorious for its lack of quality. Meanwhile, Italian director Bruno Mattei made a living off of mockbusters like Hell of the Living Dead, Monster Shark and Violence In a Women’s Prison.

These international takes on films are not necessarily interpreted as authentic representations of international cinema. They do make for some interesting looks into the ways how other countries treat their cinematic endeavors though. It can really be fascinating in its own right to see how these may be arranged in some rather unique forms. 

They Just Want To Be Entertained 

MockbustersSome people focus more on the entertainment aspect of these films above all else. That is, they want to enjoy films that they don’t really have to think much about. They only want to have a good time if anything. It is no wonder why so many people look for these films when it comes to finding ways to have fun and watch something of interest to them. 

To some people the concept of the mockbuster is not all that attractive. To others the mockbuster is a very unique form of entertainment regardless of the fact. One thing that is for certain is that there is a good audience for mockbusters.

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Where Does the Robot Word Come From?

Where Does the Robot Word Come From?

The robot has become a staple of science fiction for generations. It has been around in many places ranging from turn of the century novels to modern day science fiction movies. In fact, many mythologies from centuries earlier even had their own concepts of robots. The clay golems in the Jewish faith are not robots per se but they do relate closely to the concept of today’s robots, for instance. 

However, the word is something that is rather fascinating. The term “robot” was not something that was all that commonplace until the early part of the twentieth century. It may be a technically new term 

Capek’s Influence 

robotsKarel Capek, an early twentieth century writer from Czechoslovakia, was the person who first introduced the term. The play RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots) was the first instance that the word had ever been used. This play is about a factory that has the ability to build artificial people who are referred to as robots. While it does not place an emphasis on the technological standpoint of making robots, it does show how a robot could technically be mistaken for a human being if it is made to be as realistic and professional as possible. 

Serf Practices 

The word in particular came from the Czech word “robota.” This is a term that refers to labor practices that were done with one person in mind. In particular the robota was a person of time that a serf was obliged to work for one’s lord. In many cases this could be months on end. The serf was technically treated like a robot in this manner. With this in mind, it was rather easy for the term to be established in the form that works with to this day. 

Even Further Back 

The concept of the term also dates a little further back in time. This word came from “rabota,” a Bulgarian word that refers to work or servitude to others. This was a natural part of the evolution of the word at large. The evolution of the word is relatively simple in that the country is not too far off from the Czech lands but it is still a unique aspect of the world that might be interesting for all to take a look at. 

A Sudden Evolution 

robotsEventually the concept of the term was expanded to the mainstream thanks to the works of writer Isaac Asimov. He created the term “robotics” to focus on the study of robots. This eventually led to the creation of the Three Laws of Robotics that are known and respected by people all around the sci-fi community as a whole. 

The word “robot” is something that is often taken for granted in today’s world of science fiction but it is a fascinating term worth exploring regardless. The creation of the word shows that the term is still relevant based on the word that was originated in the first place. This is a rather unique trend worth exploring with regards to how the concept of the robot works as it is.

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The 3D Film May Not Be Big For Long

The 3D Film May Not Be Big For Long

Many people who have gone to the movies to watch horror or sci-fi films in recent years have probably considered seeing them in 3D. It is clear that 3D technology is popular for many films in these genres, what with them coming with all sorts of fascinating visual features. The same can also be said for action movies and various films that are geared towards kids or families in general. 

However, this does not mean that the 3D film is going to continue to be a hit. While it is true that it has held a resurgence in recent years, the popularity of the 3D film is nowhere near as great as it was years ago. There are a few signs that show that this aspect of horror and sci-fi movies may not be big for long. 

Fewer Totals Are Going For 3D 

3DThere are more cases these days where people are not choosing the 3D option when it comes to attending movies. A good example of this came from only half of all people who saw the Avengers choosing to watch it in 3D. This number was even lower for the animated film Brave as only a third of the ticket sales for it were for the 3D version of the film. 

In addition, many films that have been released with a strong emphasis on 3D have not done well at the box office. The recent Dredd movie is a strong example of this. The film’s poor theatrical showing and strong DVD and rental performance is believed to be due to the fact that hardly any theaters aired the movie in 2D when it was first out. 

In addition, 3D re-releases of classic films have not done all that well. The plans to re-release all six Star Wars films in 3D were abandoned after just one film was converted to 3D. This came due to a lack of ticket sales. 

Post-Production Is An Issue 

One big point that is hurting the 3D film is the concept of post-production. That is, instead of filming a movie in 3D, a film is shot in 2D and edited to have 3D effects. The critically-panned film adaptation of the Last Airbender is said to be a prime example of this. 

The issue over whether or not a film should be in 3D or not has especially gotten in the way of things. The concept of post-production has made people wonder if filmmakers are working hard to shoot films in 3D or if they are just sticking with post-production for their efforts at large. 

Not Everyone Wants To Watch 3D 

3DIt clearly costs extra to watch a movie in 3D. Glasses can cost two to five dollars per person at a theater. In addition, some people will not have a desire to put in more effort to watch a movie in 3D. 

Overall, the 3D film is not something that is going to be all that big in the future. The 3D film will probably stick around, what with the technology that is around, but don’t expect it to be as widespread as it was a few years ago anytime soon.

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How Old Is the Concept of the Zombie Anyway?

How Old Is the Concept of the Zombie Anyway?

To many people, the idea of the zombie dates back to George Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. To others, it dates even further back to the 1932 film White Zombie. However, those are just the mainstream instances of how the zombie concept has changed over the years. 

While it is true that the zombie has been around for quite a bit of time, the zombie is actually something that has been around for even longer than what many people know. The overall age of the concept of the zombie could be disputed in many forms. 

Is Frankenstein the Originator? 

zombieThe first real widespread view of the zombie came well in the early nineteenth century. Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein is often considered by people to be a key origin for the zombie concept. This is thanks to how the title character has created his own creature and given life to it. That is, the monster that the title doctor has created is practically made from many dead bodies. Whether or not the monster is a zombie or just a creation of sorts is debatable but it is a fascinating aspect of zombie culture worth exploring. 

The Creation Of the Term 

The creation of the word “zombie” may also be a key part for the origin of the concept. Robert Southey wrote in his 1819 history of Brazil about the “zombi.” This is a mix of the Kongo works for “god” and “fetish.” However, the concept appeared to have been associated heavily with Haitian cultures of the time. This often comes from many tribes working to revive the dead and creating contracts over who owns a person who has been risen from the dead. 

In addition, W.B. Seabrook wrote the Magic Island in 1929 and introduced the concept of many Vodou zombie activities in Haiti. These came from voodoo cults that worked hard to create their own “zombi” creatures from the dead. It is widely believed to be the first true mention of the term in western society. 

Maybe It Was Centuries Ago 

zombieThe earliest concept of the zombie may actually date back to the voyages of Columbus. The Taino people of Africa were reported by one of Columbus’ partners to have engaged in many unique religious activities. These include actions that entailed the belief that those who have died will end up coming back to life in some way. This is obviously far from the concept of the zombie that people know about today but it is one that is rather interesting for all to read about based on the traditional values that so many people have held over the years. 

The concept of the zombie is a rather fascinating point that has evolved over time. While the zombie has truly moved along over the years, it is a very interesting part of horror that will continue to be popular for as long as the genre sticks around. The exact time when the idea first came about is unclear but there are many concepts that are worth considering with regards to the zombie at large.

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Why Has the Dystopia Evolved In Fiction?

Why Has the Dystopia Evolved In Fiction?

The concept of dystopian fiction has been around for quite a while. It is a staple of many sci-fi and horror products simply because it showcases a society that is extremely unfavorable. In many cases it comes from conditions relating to war or disease or from a government that has taken over the world with an iron fist. 

This aspect of genre fiction has been around for years. From Jack London’s the Iron Heel and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to many films like Logan’s Run and Soylent Green, the concept has truly stuck around. 

In recent years the dystopian concept has grown in popularity. This has become very evident in many books over the years with the Hunger Games and Divergent series especially being popular. The creation of many films based on these books as well as the Maze Runner and the Giver have shown that the genre is only becoming more appealing to society as a whole. 

But what is it about the dystopian subgenre that makes it big with horror and sci-fi fans? There are many good reasons why this has become popular in fiction over time: 

  • This form of fiction often says quite a bit about how the planet is in jeopardy and how many of today’s behaviors are going to only cause the environment to go to waste. The films Soylent Green, Robocop and Wall-E are all great examples of how damages to the environment have caused the planet to die out and fall into a dystopia. It creates a message for all to follow. 
  • DystopiaThe concept of religion is also explored in many of these productions as it helps people to understand how essential it can be in life. Much of this includes the need to emphasize the importance of freedom of religion. A good example of this is in Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale where all people in the country are forced to follow the Christian faith whether they want to or not. 
  • The importance of family is also emphasized in many dystopian productions. Horror and sci-fi programs and books often show how a society that has gone downhill may end up suffering due to a lack of relationships with others who should be there as needed. In some extreme cases like in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the concept of the family is heavily frowned upon, thus leading to chaos. 
  • The need to focus on a free economy where anyone can do anything is also emphasized. This has become a very popular topic over time as dystopian works often show just how dangerous the world can be if people aren’t allowed to make a living for themselves. An example of this is in the film Rollerball where certain corporations have taken over society as a whole. 

The concept of the dystopian world is nothing new but it is something that is becoming big in modern day science fiction and horror films, television shows and books. The concept will continue to be popular thanks to how unique and outright scary it can truly be.

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What People Often Expect Of Convention Show Models

What People Often Expect Of Convention Show Models

Models can be hired from any modeling site for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a group that is going to have its own booth or other space at a convention will have to hire models.

Whether it is a role-playing, anime, sci-fi or comic book convention, many models can be hired for all of these occasions. However, the things that such models from an agency might have to do when at a convention can vary based on the demands that an employer has. There are many interesting aspects of work that many different convention show models have to follow.

They May Need Costumes

Some models might be required to appear in costumes that are designated by a party that has a table or booth at a convention. These models might be asked to dress in outfits that are reflective of whatever a group is promoting. Some models might ask for extra to work with these outfits but others are more than happy to oblige. Either way, the models should be comfortable with their costumes. It may help if the client explains why these costumes are so important too.

Be Prepared To Use Props

Many people hired by a modeling site might be required to use props that some from that modeling site might not be all that comfortable with. However, these props can be important to completing the effects that come with whatever the convention space is about. A role-playing convention might require models to use fake swords as props, for instance.

It’s often best to educate these models and train them before the convention to help them understand how to use these props. It makes it easier for models to know what they can do when posing for things.

weiss cosplayGet a Backstory

The point is one that requires a bit of effort on the client’s part. Models should know about the backstories surrounding the things that they are doing. They need to understand what the clients that they are working for are all about. This can really help the models to get into character and to have a little more enthusiasm to the project at large.

Watch For the Guests

There’s a stereotype out there that says that many people who attend conventions are fat men who dress in unusual outfits and know far too much about what the topics of a convention are. This is clearly not the case but there have been some cases where models can run into some unappealing people. Models are often expected to be rather polite and prompt with regards to the guests at a convention. Sometimes this requires the need to pay models extra just to put up with the odd clientele that can come to a convention but it can be worth it if the models are comfortable with everyone.

The things that are required among all convention show models are going to be rather important for all people to check on. The best models are ones that are going to work at these shows and be comfortable with everything that is going on even when the convention itself might seem odd to some people.

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Where Is 3D Printing Going Next?

Where Is 3D Printing Going Next?

The concept of 3D printing is something that has been discussed and talked about for quite a while. It’s a format of printing that sounds like something you might see in a science fiction movie but it’s real and is being used right now.

3D printing entails the creation of three-dimensional materials after a series of printing mediums are laid out in a series of layers. These layers will be organized after reading information off of a modeling program that the printer will be attached to.

3D printing is being used in the process of creating architectural models, robotics-based products and many automotive parts among other items. There is no real way how people can tell where the 3D printing industry is going to head into next. However, there are a few industries that 3D printing could easily head to in the near future. Here’s a look at a few of them.

3d dress

The Fashion World

3D printing could be utilized for fashion purposes. Fashions can be created in many forms with some of the best being made with some attractive curves, cut-outs and other special arrangements. 3D printing may be used to help with creating some interesting fashions that are arranged quite well with a fine style that will fit in perfectly with whatever one wants to create.

3d pizzaFood Products

Food products may be designed through 3D printers. That is, cooking compounds that are pre-mixed may be added to a printer and then linked to a computer to allow for some unique foods to be printed out as desired. This could add a unique aspect of food preparation and may even make it easier for fresh foods to be prepared for a variety of general requirements.

Full Books

A typical printer will use something like Epson XP 305 Ink to print pages on books as the XP 305 Ink can work well for most jobs. However, in some cases an entire book may be printed That is, the entire thick part of a hardcover book may be created out of processed paper materials. This can be shaped and adjusted in any way you see fit as well. This can establish a more unique style that can fit in well and use a great and attractive design as desired for the requirements a publish might have.

What About Your Health?

Even health-related functions may be utilized as needed. Healthy cells that compromise different organs around the body may be harvested and then used to create healthy organs that may work for transplant purposes. Of course, an extensive amount of testing and observation is required to see if this can actually work well. This could make for a critical function that anyone can utilize. This could dramatically influence the ways how organs are managed within the body and how transplants are to be prepared as needed for many requirements that people often have for their health.

There is no real limit as to where the world of 3D printing is going to head into. The big question is just how far the industry is going to head in terms of creating products.

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A Remote Connection For Computing Needs Isn’t Science Fiction

A Remote Connection For Computing Needs Isn’t Science Fiction

An interesting thing that you might spot in many futuristic movies will come from the way how people can break into different computers. One thing that you might notice in some movies like these comes from how people will hack into computers and grab their files. What’s more is that some hackers may be shown breaking into computers through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

This might sound like a piece of science fiction but it’s actually something that has become incredibly prevalent in today’s movies. Remote connections are being utilized for many business functions these days. But how can these connections work?

There are many things that can be done to make this piece of science fiction technology work today:

1. First, you’d have to get a proper remote connection program installed onto the computer that you want to access.
2. After this, you’ll have to register that computer with an account relating to the program. This has to include unique login information.
3. You can then install an app onto another computer, a smartphone or a tablet depending on what you might prefer to use.
4. The app must then be logged into after you install it.
5. You should then have access to another computer when you are done.

remote access

This is a fascinating aspect of working with a computer that anyone can enjoy managing. If you know how to remotely connect to another computer then you will certainly benefit as the process for how to remotely connect will only take a few bits to handle.

But is there a potential for people to break into your computer? After all, anyone can hack into anything these days no matter how protected they might be.

Simply put, there are indeed times when someone might try and use your login information to sneak onto your computer and break into its information. That’s why you need to keep your information as secure as possible. Having a proper firewall on any devices that might access your targeted computer may help as well.

In addition, you might want to think about how compatible this technology can be. While it might look in the movies like anyone can get access to any computer, the fact is that some computers may be off-limits due to technical limitations. That is, a person may not be able to get access to a computer that is far too old and works with an outdated operating system. Some files may not be all that easy to load up either. This is a big part of the technology that separates its current functionality from the real world. It may not sound all that thrilling but it’s the truth as there are still limitations to the technologies that are used in the real world.

This is a great feature in computers these days. The art of remote connections is like a piece of science fiction come to live. Then again, if you don’t protect yourself the right way then it will turn into a piece of horror instead.

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